“Launch Night In”: Google launches Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 with 5G connection


After presenting a new Chromecast, a new operating system, Google TV, and a new speaker, Nest Audio, Google presented two smartphones developed by you.

They are Google Pixel 4a and Google Pixel 5. So, let’s see what’s new!

Pixel 5 includes a camera with an ultra angle

As is normally the case, some of the details of this launch were being released throughout the year. This summer, we received the Pixel 4a and some Pixel 5 specs were being unveiled.

As expected, this new smartphone developed by Google has a 6-inch screen and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, introduced in the Pixel 4, launched last year. In addition, and being that the big bet, the user can count on 5G connection.

At the back, the Google Pixel 5 has a dual camera. However, instead of working with a standard system and a telephoto lens, Google introduced an ultra wide angle system. This is connected to a 16 megapixel sensor, similar to the 12 megapixel sensor of previous versions.

Despite having discarded the facial screen unlock feature, Google has returned the fingerprint sensor to your smartphone. In the case of the processor, the Pixel 5 has Snapdragon 765G and 8GB of RAM.

This year, it will be sold in just two colors, black and green, with the base price being $ 699 with 128GB of storage.

Google Pixel 4a with 5G connection

With the launch of the Pixel 4a, the company intends to expand the family of 4a, adding a model with a capacity of 5G. Thus, this new smartphone combines characteristics of its predecessor, launched in the summer, and the Pixel 5, launched today.

Therefore, it has a Snapdragon 765G processor, the same camera set as the previous one, with 12.2 megapixel on the back, and 8 megapixel on the front camera.

As usual, Google ensured that this novelty received software related to the brand's cameras. In the same way, the user can expect a tool that will help him to record stable videos.

Unlike Pixel 5, Pixel 4a is 6.2 inches. Incidentally, this model differs from the previous one in some aspects, thus justifying its sale price of 499 dollars, in the USA, as of November, in black and white.

Whoever purchases this smartphone will receive three months free of Stadia Pro and YouTube Premium, as well as 100GB of storage on Google One, for three months, and access to the Google Play Pass.


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