“Leaving Flamengo for Benfica is crazy”


A season television brazilian ESPN issued, this Monday, an interview with Alejandro Mancuso, in which the former Flamengo player does not skimp on criticism of the way Jorge Jesus forced his departure for Benfica.

The former Argentine international regrets that the Portuguese coach was not “clear” about the reasons that led him to abandon the Rio team, in a process that, he warns, also did not leave the direction not well in ‘photography’.

“I don’t know, I didn’t understand why he wanted to leave Flamengo. I change Flamengo for Benfica? Never in life. Leaving Flamengo for Benfica is crazy. I don’t do that at all “, he started by saying.

“He left through the back door, from behind. Without speaking to anyone. Without speaking to the fans, who loved him. Afterwards, many players started to stay on Benfica’s radar. Gerson, Bruno Henrique, Wicked Pereira … “, he continued.

“So, how many problems did the mister leave at Flamengo? How much shit did he leave at Flamengo? And today, Flamengo is the way it is through all this confusion”, completed the former midfielder.

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