LeBron’s perfect finish, Davis’s stub and Caruso’s spike: the Lakers’ show against the Nuggets | nba


The Los Angeles Lakers qualified for the NBA finals by winning Saturday’s fifth game of the series against the Denver Nuggets. LeBron James scored a triple-double in one of the best games he played in his career, being decisive in the fourth period, but it was not only he who shone: Anthony Davis was his faithful squire, Caruso made great plays and Rajar Rondo showed that he is one of best of their position in the League.

Denver touched the scoreboard at the end of the game, but LeBron buried any chance of recovery from rivals. He noted nine points in a row.

Lakers aerial bridge! Rajon Rondo throws for Anthony Davis, who completes under the basket: 53 to 42.

Lakers attack, Rajon Rondo launches for Anthony Davis, who completes the airlift and opens 11 points for the California team.

Anthony Davis gives sensational stump

Anthony Davis gives sensational stump

Denver was showing a reaction in the third quarter when Porter went for the basket, but was knocked over by Anthony Davis.

In a quick counterattack after stealing, Caruso went to the dunk for the Lakers.

Back Basket for Nuggets

Mason Plumlee's Basket of Shores: 27 to 28

Mason Plumlee’s Basket of Shores: 27 to 28

The game was still in the beginning, well balanced, and look at the back basket that Mason Plumlee made for the Nuggets.


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