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At the fast charging stations for electric cars, there is often a queue to charge, and many have no opportunity to charge the electric car where they live.

Today, the government proposes changes to the laws that apply to housing associations and co-owners. The changes give those who live there a right to set up charging points for electric cars and hybrids.

– We legislate that a unit holder in a housing association gets a right to set up a charging point, even in cases where the majority in the housing association is against, says Minister of Local Government and Modernization Nikolai Astrup.

Minister of Local Government and Modernization Nikolai Astrup today presents a bill that can force housing associations together to take the bill for upgrades of power grids and new infrastructure to be able to charge in shared garages.

Photo: Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

The individual must cover the costs of the charging box and pay for the electricity they use.

– Unitholders without an electric car may have to cover expenses for upgrades to the housing association’s power grid, he says.

– People are denied without objective reason

Christina Bu is the leader of the electric car association. She says that the association has many examples of people being refused to set up electric car chargers in the garage facility where they live.

– We have received many inquiries from people who either have an electric car or who want to buy an electric car, but who are not allowed to set up charging in their housing association, she says.

Bu says that the refusals have often been based on undocumented allegations such as that the costs have been too high or the risk of fire danger.

– The board or housing association can no longer do this, now they have to document it if they are to refuse the right, she says.

Each individual resident must pay for the charging box and the electricity they use – but the new rules allow residents with fossil cars or who do not have a car to share the bill for upgrading the power grid and other infrastructure.

Co-owners and residents in housing associations receive equal rules

Christina Bu, leader of the Norwegian Electric Car Association

– We have members of housing associations who have been refused to set up a charging point without any objective reason, says Christina Bu in the Norwegian Electric Car Association. She urges politicians in the Storting to consider the bill as soon as possible.

Photo: Johan B. Sættem

It is the Housing Association Act that is proposed to be amended in a way that allows those who live there to set up charging points for electric cars and rechargeable hybrids. The Owners’ Section Act is also amended, and gives section owners in co-ownership equal rights as unit holders in housing associations.

The change in the law may have an impact on approx. 500,000 owner sections in 63,000 co-owners, and just under 360,000 housing association homes in 8,700 housing associations.

The background for the change in the law is that there has been a sharp increase in the number of electric cars at the same time as there have been few charging points where people live. It has been a practical problem in everyday life for many.

Can be introduced from New Year at the earliest

It is the local government and administration committee in the Storting that will now consider the case.

Karin Andersen from the Socialist Left Party is the leader of the committee.

She says that the committee has a lot on its table in the time to come, but that the matter will be dealt with quickly as advice, provided that the government has not laid out stumbling blocks.

– If this bill comes quickly now, and there are no snags to it, then it is very desirable to have it dealt with quickly, Andersen says.

She says that if the proposal is good, there may be hope of completing it before the turn of the year. Thus, it can probably take effect at the earliest from 1 January 2021.


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