Lethal substance letter sent to White House, US press says | World


A letter with a suspicious substance was intercepted by the White House postal service this Saturday (19), informed local media. According to the vehicles, FBI sources confirmed the presence of ricin in an envelope. THE substance is lethal and can be naturally extracted from castor beans.

Secret Service sources told The New York Times that the envelope was sent from an address in Canada. The CNN news network also cited national security sources to say that two tests were carried out to check for the presence of ricin.

According to the Reuters news agency, the US federal police confirmed the investigation into a “suspicious letter” sent to the postal service, but said that there is, “at the moment”, no threat to public security.

All correspondence that is sent to the White House undergo screening for toxic or dangerous products, as a security measure. In 2013, a letter with ricin was sent to then President Barack Obama. She was intercepted by the Secret Service.

Ricin is a toxin that originates in castor beans and that can kill a person with just a small amount. Contamination symptoms can be confused with pneumonia, as the victim has breathing problems, fever, cough, nausea and stiffness in the chest.

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