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The LG Wing is one of the most different phones launched so far in 2020. It is true that manufacturers have started to experiment a lot with the design of smartphones in recent years, but the model with a rotating screen has its charm and brings several design challenges.

The JerryRigEverything channel put its hands on the device and brings a video in which it disassembles and reassembles the cell phone, and allows us to see more closely the internal structure of the mechanism that allows the screen to rotate 90 degrees. Before, however, we could see that, despite not having IP68 certification, the internal part of the device has some protection against water and dust, but it is still good to avoid the Wing’s contact with water.

To ensure the smooth rotation of the screen, LG used a lubricated plastic, in addition to leaving a small space between the two halves to prevent dirt from getting stuck and scratching the display below. There is a spring on the inside to help the screen rotate 90 degrees and stay perfectly positioned, while another helps to close it so that everything comes back into place. A small hydraulic shock absorber ensures that the movement is always smooth.

Although it looks quite complex, Zack Nelson managed to completely dismantle the device and reassemble it, with no apparent damage to the Wing. The cell phone called normally, even without any previous experience with the project. Even so, it does not cost to reinforce for you to avoid imitating what the channel does at home, because the guarantee does not cover this type of thing.

The LG Wing has a screen that rotates ninety degrees and reveals a second display, in addition to bringing a stabilized camera with gimbal, selfie in retractable module, 5G and digital sensor under the screen. The device has intermediate hardware and, like all of the company’s latest models, is military certified and, of course, supports the 5G network, and costs less than $ 1,000 in South Korea.

Source: JerryRigEverything

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