Lili confirms that she is pregnant with Germano | come around


“I didn’t want to tell you until I got the results of the exams because I wasn’t sure who the father was (…) You are going to be a father, Germano!”

Germano (Humberto Martins) reassures Lili (Vivianne Pasmanter) – Photo: TV Globo

The two embrace and kiss very excited by the novelty. Germano jokes that he is of the age to take care of his grandchildren, but celebrates the good news. In love, Lili realizes her husband’s enthusiasm:

“It was so long ago that I didn’t see that sparkle in your eyes”

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Lili insinuates that the baby is from Germano. Florisval and Rosângela celebrate the news of the wedding with their children. Leila and Rafael are together, and the boy proposes that the two start a relationship. Claudia tells Carolina that the adoption request was denied by the judge because of Eliza’s lawsuit. Carolina pleads with Eliza to withdraw the lawsuit against her.

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