Lipe Ribeiro advises Biel on posture in the game: ‘Do not accept criticism’ – 09/30/2020


This afternoon in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), Lipe Ribeiro advised Biel about the singer’s stance within the reality show, which, according to him, is “debauched”.

“Speaking to yourself like that, a piece of advice, which I hope you hear from my heart. Here everyone is about to learn to fuck ******. I would never accept anything here one, two years ago. Never. But it’s your way Everyone says: ‘Ah, debauched’. It is because sometimes it really looks like you are debauched. When they speak, you laugh. Sometimes the guys speak for your sake “, said Lipe.

He continued: “So, maybe accepting … Of course not accepting a face cream, or some for that. No one needs to accept this. But, sometimes the crowd says they want to help you. And sometimes you don’t accept it. . I have that impression “, he pondered.

Biel still tried to explain his attitudes, mainly about his friction with Jojo Todynho, but Lipe returned to advise. “Because of the backwardness that we had here, that I managed to separate and see that the crowd does not have it, I think that you continue to be backward and you don’t accept criticism, perhaps,” he said.

“It seems to me that someone is trying to grow up on you, and I prefer to believe that they don’t. I prefer to think that the crowd is giving a touch, and that sometimes it sounds like a debauchery to anyone who talks to you,” he continued.

Lipe recalled his temperament, when he was one of the most controversial participants in MTV’s “De FĂ©rias com o Ex”. “Because I used to be like that too. Everyone said, ‘Ah, Lipe, you are a bastard.’ like this: not everything that people say is wanting to grow “, he said.


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