Lipe Ribeiro apologizes to Juliano Ceglia for putting him in the field: ‘Forgiveness’


Shortly after the formation of the third garden of “A Fazenda 2020”, Juliano Ceglia sought out Lipe Ribeiro in the RecordTV reality room to clarify that he did not speak ill of the pawn for approaching Jojo Todynho.

Lipe Ribeiro used the power of the green flame to save Cartolouco from the hot seat and opted for Juliano instead because he heard that he was pulling Jojo Todynho’s ass.

Juliano asked the pawn’s attention to deny that he ever mentioned him at any point during the game. “I hate gossip, brother. I really heard I don’t know what there. I didn’t say anything,” he declared.

The digital influencer then surprised the pawn with apologies for putting him on the spot. After all, he had really received the wrong information.

“So, I just found out. I apologize for the shit I did now. Maciel spoke to someone else who spoke. I had to do it for someone and put what they told me about me,” he warned.

In the end, the pawns shook hands and there was no confusion. Follow the game!

Fazenda 2020: Who should leave the farm and become the farmer of the week?



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