Liquor producer and wine importer Arcus merges with Finnish Altia


The Stein Erik Hagen-dominated liquor producer Arcus merges with the Finnish giant Altia.

This was announced by Arcus in a stock exchange announcement on Tuesday morning. The new company will be called Anora Group Plc.

Stein Erik Hagen’s Canica is the largest owner in Arcus, with just over 40 per cent of the shares. John Fredriksen is also one of the store owners in Arcus through his Geveran Trading.

The merger will mean that Arcus will be merged into Altia, before it is then dissolved. Several major shareholders in both companies have already signaled that they will vote in favor of the merger. The merger is otherwise conditional on a two-thirds majority at the general meetings of Arcus and Altia, which will be held in November.

When the stock market opens, the Arcus share rises sharply from the start. A few minutes into the trade, the share is up around 8.6 percent, and is trading at a price of around NOK 43.5.

Liquor giant

Arcus develops and sells spirits, and has subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Germany. The company is known for, among other things, Braastad aquavit, Vikingfjord vodka and Løiten aquavit.

Altia produces, markets, sells and imports spirits in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company is behind brands such as Koskenkorva, Chill Out and Xanté, and also has Jack Daniel’s in its portfolio. Altia had sales of 359.6 million euros in 2019, corresponding to around 3.9 billion Norwegian kroner at today’s exchange rate.

The company is valued at 300 million euros on the Finnish stock exchange Nasdaq Helsinki. This corresponds to approximately NOK 3.3 billion at today’s exchange rate.

Priced at 2.9 billion. kroner

The merger agreement means that Arcus shareholders will receive 0.4618 shares in the new company, Anora, for each share they own in Arcus. Thus, the three largest owners in the new company will be as follows, according to the stock exchange announcement:

  • Stein Erik Hagen, Canica as, 22.4 percent.
  • The Finnish, state-owned investment company Vake Oy, 19.4 percent.
  • John Fredriksen, Geveran Trading, 4.6 percent.

Altia’s share price on the Finnish stock exchange Nasdaq Helsinki at closing time on Monday was 8.30 euros. Arcus shareholders will receive around 31.4 million shares in the merged company. Based on this, the valuation of Arcus is around 260 million euros, or just under 2.9 billion kroner at today’s exchange rate.

As is well known, Arcus is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, where yesterday’s trading day ended at a closing price of NOK 39.6. The stock has risen just over 13 percent so far this year, after also falling sharply in mid-March when the corona hit.

According to the stock exchange announcement, the new company will continue to be listed on the Finnish Nasdaq Hensinki. On the Oslo Stock Exchange, the company aims to be listed from the time of or around the merger, for a transition period of four months. Thereafter, the shares in the new company will be taken by the Oslo Stock Exchange, the stock exchange announcement states.

Furthermore, Altia proposes to pay an extra dividend of approximately EUR 14.5 million, corresponding to EUR 0.4 per share, to all its shareholders prior to the merger.

The agreement has received support and advance guarantees from the largest shareholders in both Arcus and Altia, it is stated.

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