Lisbon hospitals with more covid-19 patients in the new phase of the epidemic


If the first wave of covid-19 hit hospitals in the North first, the increase in hospitalizations in recent weeks has so far been greater in hospitals in the Lisbon region. So far, no scheduled activity has been canceled and the situation continues to be closely monitored by the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo. ARS told i that 424 patients with covid-19 were hospitalized yesterday in hospitals in the Lisbon do Tejo region, which represents about 62% of cases in the country. There were 65 patients in intensive care, ten more than at the end of last week. At the time, the Minister of Health indicated that there were 553 affections to patients with covid (346 employed) out of the total of 7 thousand beds in the region. There were 85 beds allocated to patients with covid-19 in need of intensive care, 54 occupied. ARS reiterated that “the number of beds available in hospitals for COVID-19 response is not static, being changed / adapted according to needs”, adding that “in some hospitals the capacity has already been increased, in others it has not yet been necessary”. According to oi, the situation remains controlled in the largest hospitals without the need to resort to new inpatient wards, with space to increase capacity without interfering with the resumption of activity in the first phase. Everything will depend on the evolution in the coming days – increasing the need for intensive care, it may be necessary to resort to more doctors and nurses, namely areas such as anesthesiology, which may then bring more constraints in terms of surgical activity and lead to fewer appointments. surgeries, which hospitals have sought to recover.

This Tuesday, the Lisbon region again registered the majority of new cases of covid-19: 688 new cases were confirmed, a number higher than that seen on Tuesday of last week. The Lisbon region recorded 478 new cases, triple the North, the second region to register the highest number of new cases (160).

Elderly cases continue to increase In terms of distribution by age group, there is a predominance of new cases in younger people, particularly between the ages of 20 and 30, but the number of cases diagnosed in the elderly has been increasing, a trend that hi already had marked in recent weeks. Last week, from Monday to Sunday, there were 692 cases diagnosed over 70 years of age, when in the previous week it had been 545. The percentage of cases in this age group was 12.4%, but as the cases went up, there was a proportional increase. In the first two days of this week, the elderly over 70 years old represented 15% of new cases, with 174 new cases in this group, the one in which it has been associated with more deaths.

At Monday’s press conference, the Director-General for Health indicated that the number of outbreaks in homes rose to 51, from 44 last week. One of the cases known in the last days is the outbreak at Lar dos Ferroviários, in Entroncamento, where once again the infection was only detected when it had spread to practically everyone in the institution. Yesterday the infection was confirmed in 50 of the 75 elderly people in the home and 18 employees. The local health delegate, José Cunha, said in the meantime that some of the professionals who tested positive for the virus were available to continue caring for the elderly at this stage, a gesture he welcomed. The Municipality of Sintra also confirmed the existence of an outbreak in a home in Magoito, in Sintra, the Clube Fénix One, where five elderly people have already died. If in Entroncamento the home is connected to former workers, the institution in Magoito is a senior five-star residential club, as it stands. Once again the virus does not choose social strata. There are 15 users and six infected employees. The Algarve Regional Health Administration also confirmed outbreaks in nursing homes in Olhão, Quarteira and Tavira, which it did not specify.

Yesterday six deaths by covid-19 were reported in the country, five in the Lisbon region and one death in the Central region. The number of fatalities caused by the disease since the beginning of the epidemic rose 1963. This month, the covid-19 victimized 139 people until yesterday, most of them elderly people over 80 years old, a significant increase compared to last month, when 87 deaths were reported .

The Minister of Health went to Cristina Ferreira’s program, now on TVI, where she underlined the spirit of selflessness of health professionals and reiterated that reducing contagions is up to everyone. “Whenever we lighten the measures, we have growth. The cause is in contact ”, she insisted, in a program in which she was surprised by the presenter with the song“ À Minha Maneira ”, from Xutos, which became known to be one of her favorites. Marta Temido admitted to being tired, like everyone else, but replied to the presenter that giving up now would be a “cowardice”.


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