Lisbon school classes resumed tomorrow after staff reinforcement


“As activities letivas of the 1st cycle are resumed tomorrow [terça-feira], day 22 September“, informed the Grouping of Schools of Laranjeiras, in a note sent today to parents and to which Lusa had access.

In addition to classes, “the Family Support Component service (CAF) is also assured “, indicated the grouping of this public school in Lisbon.

Speaking this afternoon at the Committee on Culture, Education, Youth and Sports of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, the councilor with the Education portfolio in Câmaratimes from Lisbon, Manuel Grilo, said that the municipality will put three operational assistants in this school in Laranjeiras, using the “scholarship of operational assistants of its own” chatimes to resolve the shortage of these officials.

At the end of the afternoon of last Sunday, the parents of the students of the Basic School 1 / Jardim de Infância (EB1 / JI) of Laranjeiras were informed that “the 1st cycle of EB1 / JI of Laranjeiras will not be able to open in the next few days”.

According to the Laranjeiras School Group, the suspension of activities letivas was due to “not having enough operational assistants (AO), since an AO [Assistente Operacional] tested positive for covid-19 and in sequence three more will be tested and will be in isolation “.

In the communication sent to parents and guardians, the school group reinforced that “the situation is being evaluated day by day”.

“As soon as we have enough AO to open the school, inform-the-emos“, guaranteed the grouping.

In addition to the suspension of 1st cycle classes, the CAF for the 1st cycle, it also couldn’t work this Monday.

The school explained to the guardians that, after being informed of the test result and having communicated with the health delegate of the Sete Rios Health Center, which decreed that “positive case contacts (three co-workers of the operational assistant) , classified as high risk, should remain in isolation prophylactic for 14 days since the last exhibition “, Câ was contactedtimes Municipal de Lisboa to request the “placement / transfer of some AO to the school”.

The municipality informed the group that “there is no AO that can be moved to remedy the situation”.

The classes of students in the 1st cycle of the EB1 / JI das Laranjeiras started on Thursday.

As of Wednesday, teams from CML and yes area of health will return to visit all public schools in the city to “outline new strategies for protection” because pandemic of covid-19.

According to a source from the office of the councilor responsible for Education, Manuel Grilo (BE, party that has a city governance agreement with the PS), Lusa said today, the visits will be attended by local health delegates, protection education services, in which “the objective will be to devise new strategies for protection with school clusters and with all entities involved in schools, such as CAF and as AEC [Atividades Extra-Curriculares])”.

Portugal accounts for at least 1,920 deaths associated with covid-19 out of 69,200 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest DirectionGeneral of Health (DGS).

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