Long live SUS! Everyone depends on him, even those who don’t think so – 09/25/2020


Our Unified Health System (SUS), the result of the struggle of sanitarians and popular movements for decent health conditions for all Brazilians, completed 30 years. For many people there is no reason to celebrate. For these people, our system is synonymous with neglect, precariousness and endless waiting. I do not want to say that such findings are not true, but they definitely do not live up to the size of SUS and not to everything that this “young” system has done and does daily for all Brazilians.

Despite being part of our lives for 30 years, a significant portion of Brazilians have no idea of ​​the real scope of SUS. It is common to hear, especially in users of supplementary health (health plans), the statement that “they never used SUS for anything, not even to get a vaccine”. Ledo mistake …

And since we talk about vaccines, let’s start explaining how you use SUS every day for it. For you to take your vaccine in a private office, this vaccine must be registered and have its use authorized by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), right? Anvisa is a special regime agency, linked to the Ministry of Health. Anvisa is SUS! Curious, isn’t it?

Speaking of our current moment, we must not forget that Fiocruz coordinates tests for the vaccine against covid-19, which will be produced in its laboratories if it successfully completes the clinical trial phases and demonstrates its effectiveness. Fiocruz is also SUS!

Now let’s say that you have never had a vaccine in your life – which would be totally objectionable, but we can talk about it at another time – and that is why you maintain the claim that you have never used SUS. It’s all right! Come on…

If you consume food, whether in restaurants, be prepared by yourself, and are sure of their safety for consumption, thank SUS! If you go to a pharmacy and trust that the medicine you need is not just a flour pill, thank SUS! If you are not a smoker and can go to a restaurant, shopping or travel (the younger ones may not even know it, but smoking on airplanes was allowed!) Without the worry of a cloud of smoke hanging over your head, thank SUS!

I don’t know if they noticed, but so far I haven’t talked about medical care, hospitals or other services related only to health care. But I never stopped talking about health. And SUS is this: an immense, capillarized system, which is present from prevention to care of the highest complexity, such as transplants. SUS is a giant, as is Brazil.

It is nothing new that this giant has taken a hit since its creation, especially with regard to investments. Our population continues to grow and age, while investments go in the opposite direction: frozen and waning each year. Many of the successful experiences in the field of public health are due to the work of tough professionals, who “wear the shirt” and who take, with creativity, actions to another level. We strive to make the SUS that we have – in the process of ostensible scrapping – into the SUS that we want: quality and excellence for ALL Brazilians, without exception.

Our Constitution says, in article 196: “Health is the right of all and the duty of the State, guaranteed through social and economic policies that aim at reducing the risk of disease and other diseases and universal and equal access to actions and services for their promotion, protection and recovery “. Fighting for a quality SUS is not only an obligation of those who depend on it for their health care, but of everyone who wants their constitutional rights to be respected and guaranteed. Do not be indifferent to SUS, because it is yours, mine, of all of us!

Long live our public system, free and universal, with all its contradictions and challenges! May we understand its real importance, charging those who owe the place that the health of all Brazilians deserves!



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