Luiza and Lidi complain about the lack of pedestrian hygiene


The situation of the participants of the reality A Fazenda 2020 is not the best. After taking two punishments at the party “Shippados”, this time, Luiza Ambiel and Lidi Lisboa found nails cut on the main sofa of the headquarters. Come see what she said and understand what’s going on

The former ‘Gugu Bathtub’, Luiza Ambiel, had a serious chat with People of Lisbon at dawn this Saturday (26th) at the headquarters of reality The Farm 2020. After the party with the theme “Shippados”, the two decided to sleep on the sofa, as they were not able to stand the noise in the main room.

Luiza complains about pedestrian hygiene at A Fazenda 2020

However, when lying down, Luiza noticed that there were cut nails spread across the sofa. It was then that she did not hold back and complained to her confining colleague. “Guys, people cut their nails up here (on the sofa and don’t clean). It’s full of nails ”, he complained. Lidi, who was about to sleep, listened and was outraged by the situation.


“Crosses. Lie! (…) Why don’t you cut your nail and throw it in the trash? ”Said the actress from ‘Jezabel’, a 2019 soap opera from Record TV. However, as if that were not enough, Luiza recalled another episode in The Farm 2020 and vented with the paoa. “You know that drawer of mine on the nightstand. It was empty. Today, I opened it to put some things (since I came back from the farm) and it was full of nails. They cut the nail and threw it there. I threw everything on the floor! ”.

Cartolouco went 3 days without bathing – A Fazenda 2020

Last week, Luiza Ambiel decided to help the pawn Cartolouco time to clean up. After admitting that he had not showered for three days, Strabko finally gave in to pedestrians’ requests for The Farm 2020 and went under the shower. However, the situation was so ugly that the former ‘Gugu Bathtub’ had to intervene and help the colleague on the step-by-step for good hygiene.

Luiza gives Cartolouco a workshop on personal hygiene

In the meantime, during the bath, the conversation paid off. Cartolouco admitted that his last bath was last Friday (18), before the party. “You don’t even wash the ‘pinguelo’?”, Luiza was surprised. “Hey, you’re not going to use it with me, why are you complaining?”, Joked the pawn in The Farm 2020.


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