Lynk & Co, the brand that arrives in Europe with an original business model – Vida


Lynk & Co, a brand belonging to the Geely group and, therefore, a close relative of Volvo, will reach European markets with a business model, at least, original. After starting with the Chinese market, the brand will now attack European markets in October. To this end, they made some modifications to the SUV 01, for example, an infotainment system with more connectivity or the use of sustainable materials. Remember that this SUV is made based on the CMA platform, the same used in the Volvo XC40. However, the main highlight is the business model.

At the company conference, broadcast from Gothenburg, it became known how the SUV will be sold on European soil or not. In general, it is possible to access a Lynk & Co model in three ways. The most “normal” for all of us and the possibility to simply buy the car. Then, you can become a partner by paying 500 euros in monthly fees and thus have access to SUV 01 throughout the month. If you do not want to pay anything, you can access the App of the brand and use the car shared by someone else and pay the price that each user establishes, since the brand gives total freedom in relation to the value of sub-rental.

In other words, SUV 01 can be seen as a personal car, rental car, or a simple equipment to sub-rent to someone. The main objective of the brand is to create a large community through a digital platform, without conventional dealers. To join this club it is necessary to register and know that the first entries open at the end of October, with the first vehicles available in April. “The market did not need another car brand, but a new form of mobility”, says the CEO, Alain Visser.

As for the price of vehicles, nothing has yet been disclosed. However, we know that it will be sold without options and is available in two colors: black and blue. Regarding the propulsion method, it can be done in two ways. The first is a hybrid that runs on a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine, combined with an electric motor, which guarantees a combined power of 197 hp. The second solution is a plug-in hybrid with the same combustion engine, but this time with two electric motors for a total power of 262 hp. The 16.7 kWh battery guarantees an electric range close to 70 km.


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