Mads Hansen, Farmen | Mads Hansen juggles three jobs and has just published a book:


Mads Hansen admits that he sometimes takes a little water over his head.

– I will not lie and say that it is a lot of work. It requires a little preparation from time to time, but there are enough positions that are more demanding than the one I have had. In scope, says Mads Hansen (36) to Nettavisen about the new “Farmen” job.

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Had it “only” been the job as host that took up the time of the former football player, Hansen might have had to lie, but “a calm autumn” the 36-year-old can not write about.

In addition to the program manager job in “Farmen”, which includes commuting to and from Hønefoss several times a week, Hansen still works with “Spårtsklubben” on VGTV, runs podcasts and has just published a book, “Min Insta-Story”.

Hear what this year’s “Farmen” participants think about Mads Hansen in the video at the top of the case.

A LOT OF WORK: In addition to the program manager job in “Farmen”, Mads Hansen has just published a book, runs a podcast and works in VGTV. In addition to juggling life as a father and cohabitant.
Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

Gone beyond privacy

Hansen admits to Nettavisen that all the time he spends at work goes beyond his private life – something he has known lately.

– It has been a lot of work on me overall. And when you say Hønefoss, you must not think that you are ahead then, because then you are halfway there. So it is 40 minutes more driving after Hønefoss, says Hansen and continues:

– It has gone away in recent weeks. It works, but it has gone beyond privacy and social life in recent weeks.

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Still, the thought of cutting back on work has not struck him.

– I have the feeling that I do not have my head above water, I also have one day off and I also get restless again. But I’m looking forward to the finale of “The Farm” is over and I can take a little breath on the ground, Hansen admits.

Protects privacy

Ever since Mads Hansen’s public career took off, back in 2016 when he was in the TV series “Alle gutta” which followed the football team he played for at the time, Hansen has protected his privacy well.

When he appeared in the TV concept “4-star dinner” on TV Norway last year, many thought that Hansen had rented a house with playpen and children’s toys as a joke.

The truth is that the 36-year-old in private has two children, Mikkel and Mathilde, together with her fiancé Hilde. With such a hectic everyday life as Hansen has had in recent months, it is natural to wonder how he has juggled the role of family man with his career. However, Hansen will not answer.

– It’s going well. I live in Hønefoss two days a week, and then it’s home. So it has gone just fine. We have in no way hired a nanny, Hansen says before he shoots in:

– You can read in the book, it says there. I will not tell you more about that. I try to protect my privacy. What I have to say about my private life, it says in the book.

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