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Mads Hansen about the breach of the rules in the Farm: – I was very concerned that it had to get sanctions

There will be a high temperature from the first moment between the fourteen participants who move into the Farmen farm. Host Mads Hansen suggests that sweet music may occur between some of the participants.

When the former football player, comedian and artist Mads Hansen (36) was asked to take over for Gaute Grøtta Grav (41) as host of TV 2’s long-standing viewer success Farmen, he accepted with horror-mixed joy.

– It is one of the biggest TV jobs you can have in the country, so I felt proud, but also a little awe.

At the same time, I felt a sense of security that when they first went for me, it was because I should be me. Fortunately, I did not have to go into any other role where I had to change. I was clear that it was not relevant, and then they would have gone for someone else who had been a more traditional type of host, he says.

After spending the last few weeks recording on the farm in the Hønefoss area, Mads has found himself well placed in the role of host.

IS HIMSELF: For Mads, it is important that he gets to be himself in the role of program manager for Farmen.
Photo: TV2

– It has gone very well. I’m a little more casual and unpolished in style, and maybe a little more light-hearted, he says.

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– Had to get sanctions

Mads is known for being clear about his opinions in the Norwegian public. In recent years, he has made a name for himself by going to “war” against beauty bloggers who edit themselves nicer on social media – or by raging against reality contestants who have broken infection control rules, and then post it on social media.

– Do we get to see you outwardly strict opinions towards the participants in this year’s Farmen season?

– It is both and. My role is not to side with anyone, so I have to make sure I’m fair all the way. At the same time, there have been incidents on the farm that have made me have to fiddle a bit with the feathers, and have had to speak up properly, he says.

In August, it became known that the Farmen production was stopped because some of the participants had been in contact with people outside the farm – a particularly unfortunate violation of the strict infection control rules that the TV recording is subject to.

– I was very concerned that there should be sanctions. What happened, how those sanctions were and how it was resolved, will be on TV. Previously, it might not have been shown on TV, but now TV viewers can see it, the 36-year-old can reveal.

GOOD MOOD: The farm girls Karianne Vilde, Karianne and Sanna (fv) enjoy life inside the farm.
Photo: TV2

The event is just one of many moments that Mads believes will contribute to good TV entertainment during this year’s Farmen season.

– I can not understand anything other than that this will be very good TV. It’s drama, arguing, flirting and humor. There are very charismatic participants, and a wide range of participants as types. They dare to speak out. It will be temperature and commitment. I can do as good a job as possible, but I do not get to influence what happens inside the farm to any great extent. Therefore, it is fun that a lot has happened. I have a really good feeling – and hope and believe that this is something people will look at, talk about and discuss, he sums up.

– Is there romance between any of the participants on the farm?

– It’s not impossible. It may look like there are several constellations, but I do not want to reveal anything. I absolutely believe that people can think that it can happen already now that they have seen the first episode, he says secretly.

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ADVENTUROUS: This year’s Farmen farm has an adventurous façade and is idyllically located on a peninsula by Lake Samsjøen in Ringerike.
Photo: TV2

Jetty with swimming opportunities

This year’s Farmen farm is idyllically located on a peninsula by Samsjøen in Ringerike, and has been restored to a contemporary farm in 1920.

BATHWATER: Farm participant Raymond Røskeland washes himself in the sea after a day of hard work on the farm.
Photo: TV2

– The farm is located by a lake, and has its own jetty with swimming opportunities for participants. It is a nice farm with a fairytale-like facade, and there are very good people who have worked to put it in order. As with most Farmen farms, it has lots of animals that roam free, says Mads.

The 36-year-old himself believes that he would have done poorly if he had lived on the Farm farm himself.

– I had done that ass. I know about farming, I love food and do not like one-sided diet. I like to sleep long in the morning and do not like physically monotonous work. It would have been a horror for me to be a participant in the Farm, he laughs.

Mads recently launched the book “My Instastory” where he shares personal experiences from his private life. In addition, he still works in the VGTV program “Spårtsklubben” and has his own podcast.

NOTIFIES: The outspoken Mads has not been afraid to speak out when the participants have broken rules inside the yard.
Photo: TV2

– With a job next to the Farm – in addition to publishing books, there are a lot of balls in the air. That’s really the most challenging thing overall. These are very long days, he says.

The 36-year-old is happy that it is not a long way from the Farmen farm in Ringerike and home to his cohabitant Hilde and their soon-to-be five-year-old son in Lier.

IN THE OLD WAY: The farm participants Karianne and Sindre perform their tasks inside the farm.
Photo: TV2

– It is very nice for me considering that I have a job next door. It is very nice to be able to go home and sleep in your own bed occasionally, the new Farmen host concludes with a smile.

Here are this year’s Farm participants

This case was first published 28/09 2020, and last updated 29/09 2020


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