Magalu offers consortium of services with credit of up to R $ 30 thousand


The Magalu Consortium, of the retail chain Magazine Luiza, launched a new group of services consortium, with credit of R $ 9 thousand to R $ 30 thousand. The plan, which will have terms of up to 60 months, is focused on those who will make their first shared purchase.

If you want to plan a graduation, exchange or travel in advance, for example, this is a great option, since it requires low investment. With installments from R$ 190,91, the customer can join the consortium, which offers a wide variety of products for all types of purchases. And the best, without interest rate and without making debts.

Through shared purchase, it is possible to have more financial discipline and a guaranteed return to achieve the desired good. In addition, the client can enjoy the security of a company consolidated in the market, which carries out around 1,200 contemplations per month.

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To find out more about the consortium, simply access the Magazine Luiza website. On the page, after making a brief registration, the interested party can consult the available plans, and make simulations to check which is the best option for their pocket. However, it is worth mentioning that the new consortium, in the form of services, is only available until the October, 23 or until they run out of places.

Consortium advantages

For those who do not know, a consortium is a system of installment and programmed purchase of a certain good or service, such as travel, automobiles, renovations, education and even parties. It is done through an association between individuals or companies, promoted by the Administrator, which needs to be authorized by the Central Bank.

Whoever joins the consortium makes monthly contributions to subsequently be entitled to the chosen good. The advantage, compared to credit options, is that consortia are cheaper, since the installments can be defined according to what fits in your pocket. Besides that, no interest and does not require any kind of entry.

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