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GIRLS: Comedian colleagues Maria Stavang and Magnus Devold confirmed on instagram that they are in a relationship,

The comedians are on TV together, and together privately.

They did so on their respective instagram accounts where she wrote “Took the tram with the guy this weekend” with a picture of Magnus Devold on the tram. He, for his part, wrote “Took the subway with the girl this weekend”.

It was Dagbladet that first mentioned the confirmation of the relationship on Monday morning, but Se og Hør had already written at the beginning of September that Stavang and Devold were in a relationship, but without them then confirming it themselves.

The comedian Magnus Devold is known from several TV programs on TVNorge, including from the series “Drive me to the Olympics”, where in 2017 he hitchhiked from Norway to South Korea in connection with the Olympics in 2018.

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This autumn, both Maria Stavang and Magnus Devold can be seen in the TVNorge program “Kongen Befaler”.

She has also participated in the show “Rikets Roast” on Sentrum Scene.

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Dagbladet writes that the confirmation of the relationship comes after rumors that Devold and Stavang have become a couple spread at record speed in Celebrity Norway. Devold himself put in the rumors after he participated in the podcast “Baarli and Benjamin go into therapy”.

Here he told himself that he was no longer single.

But already on March 13 this year in VG’s podcast “Top 3”, Magnus was challenged by Mads Hansen and Rasmus Wold was challenged to call Maria and ask her out for “a beer one day – as a date”.

– Yes, I agree, she replied.

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