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The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), criticized the visit of the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, today to the facilities of Operation Welcomed, in Roraima, on the border between Brazil and Venezuela.

For Maia, the 46-day visit to the US presidential election “is not in line with good international diplomatic practice and is contrary to the traditions of autonomy and pride in our foreign and defense policies”.

“Patron of Brazilian diplomacy, the Baron of Rio Branco left us a legacy of stability on our borders and peaceful and respectful coexistence with our neighbors in South America. Such heritage must be preserved with zeal and attention, since it constitutes a of the pillars of national sovereignty and the mainstay of our defense policy “, he said in a note.

Maia stated that he is obliged, as mayor, to reiterate the principles by which the Constitution determines the orientation of international relations by Brazil, such as national independence, self-determination of peoples, non-intervention [em outros países] and the defense of peace.

Pompeo’s visit is supported by the Bolsonaro government, which has strong relations with current U.S. President Donald Trump. Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo is in Roraima to meet with the secretary.

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– Photo: Luísa Macedo / Chamber of Deputies – 8/11/2020


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