Malu threatens Edgar: ‘This separation will cost you dearly, you can prepare’ | come around


When she later talks to her husband, she says:

“For me you can jump the fence as many times as you want, as long as you are discreet and use some kind of protection.”

Edgar is surprised by the comment, but ends up hearing even more from his wife:

“Now, if you are thinking that I am as stupid as Marta, you are very much mistaken. The investor here is me. I invested too much time in you,” she says.

Malu (Daniela Galli) reveals her plans for her husband – Photo: Globo

“To get rid of me, you’re going to have to put your hand in your pocket. I’m going to want part of the school and everything you have. This separation will cost you dearly. You can prepare yourself!”

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29 Set


Clara reveals to Malu that Edgar is cheating on her. Lica, MB and Felipe prepare their party. Tina convinces Benê to go to Lica’s party, and Ellen says she won’t. Guto is delighted with Benê’s look. Samantha shows her colleagues the video in which she recorded Edgar drunk at school. Samantha kisses Fio. Fio sees a boy stealing objects from Lica’s house and warns Felipe and MB, who don’t pay attention. Anderson and Tina sleep together, and Mitsuko catches the two. Benê sees Guto kiss Clara and has a crisis.

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Live the Difference is a season of Malhação written by High Hamburger with artistic direction from Paulo Silvestrini. Due to the stoppage of soap opera recordings at Globo Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 booklet is back to the Fitness schedule, after the Worth seeing again.

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