Man suspected of cutting his own ears and eating them in a cell – World



Man was found passed out inside cell without ears

A 30-year-old man who did not have his identity revealed by police
is suspected of having mutilated
own ears
and then eat them inside a cell in a prison
in Badajoz, Spain.

The detainee was said to have cut his ears with a makeshift knife and, according to the newspaper Daily Star
, prison guards found the man passed out as they entered the block where he was being held.

After the prisoner was picked up, he was taken to the University Hospital of Badajoz, where he will be evaluated for psychiatric treatment.

The police searched the cell and found no remains of the man’s ears. It is suspected that he would have thrown some pieces into the toilet and flushed the toilet. The motivation for the incident is not yet known.

The Spanish prison union told the local press that the incident is an example of what can happen when people deprived of their liberty who are supposed to be in psychiatric units are sent to ordinary prisons.


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