Maria Vieira insults Catarina Furtado: “Lambisgoia”, “without talent”


Maria Vieira returned to the ‘attack’ and this time the victim was Catarina Furtado. The presenter was the target of insults by the actress after having publicly expressed his opinion on André Ventura and the political party Chega.

“One more serigaita who has lived on the public purse for years, a socialist / caviar avenue whose only ‘talent’ is to read, from far to far and badly and telepontos mediocre and useless programs. Is lambisgoia who regularly travels to other continents, to pretend that she is very good and is very concerned about the ‘refugees’ who live far away, who decides to ‘attack’ Dr. André Ventura and CHEGA “, begins by declaring Maria Vieira.

“Say this serigaita, among others alarvidades liars, who is very concerned because ‘some even propose to remove the ovaries from women’ and this lambisgoia says this knowing that you are telling a lie and spreading the word hate about a man (André Ventura) and a party (CHEGA) that does not defend any of this and has already proved, through a massive vote, that he does not defend and that he never defended or will defend something like this “, he adds, referring to the statements by Catarina Furtado, presenter of RTP, in relation to the motion presented by Chega militants that proposed the removal of ovaries to women who resorted to abortion.

The controversial statements by Maria Vieira did not end here and the actress accuses Catarina Furtado of lack of talent again: “Oh ‘better‘, you are worried about losing the pot that you have been shaving for several years without producing anything significant and without having neither talent nor value to earn a tenth of what the people are obliged to pay you unintentionally! But CHEGA is here to stay and the Man you and others like you want to slaughter will, sooner or later, end up directing the destinies of Portugal and cutting off the allowance that you are ‘chatting’ at the expense of those who work so hard so little to have … Accept that it hurts less “.

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