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Mariah Carey, one of the most successful singers ever on the international scene, is cherished by many but not everyone knows her story that reveals an agonizing and traumatic childhood.

The artist, who for years kept the ‘bubble’ of her private sphere unreachable, finally opened her range of memories in a book that reveals shocking stories from her early years.

“The Meaning of Mariah Carey” is just a glimpse into the life of this diva marked by domestic violence, infidelity, drugs and racism. “Singing was a way of escape and writing was a way of processing events,” wrote the singer.

Known for her luxurious whims, Mariah Carey’s life began to be marked by poverty and misery. Daughter of a black father and an Irish mother, the American grew up in a poor family, marked by several racial issues, in New York, USA.

“When I was a child, I developed an instinct to understand when the violence was coming,” reveals the singer, recalling the episode of a fight between her father, Alfred Rody, and her brother, Morgan, who was so brutal that he had to involve 12 police officers.

Mariah Carey’s parents, who were married in Brooklyn, split up when she was just three. It was then that he moved with his mother, Pat, to Long Island. The family never had much money and one of the houses where they live was known in the neighborhood as the “hut”.

The singer also recalls remarkable episodes in her book, such as the time when her brother threw his mother against the wall in such a way that the noise of the collision sounded like a “gunshot”. It also tells the story of when one of her mother’s ex-boyfriends threatened to kill her and her brother.

Sister’s own exchange currency
The controversial sister of the artist, is another of the chapters written in the book. Eight years older than Mariah, Alison has already run a lot of ink in the international press, but not for the best reasons. She has worked as a prostitute, is HIV positive, and has a turbulent past linked to drugs. The sisters have lived with their backs turned since 1991.

Now, the artist says that her sister drugged her with medicines, even offered her cocaine and threw boiling tea over her body, causing severe burns. But the big revelation is that she tried to sell it to a man who ‘recruited’ prostitutes, when Carey was just 12. John tried to force her to have sex in a car, but the future diva of R&B would eventually be saved by an elderly man who passed by.

Mariah sadly recalls her sister’s journey. “I tried to be her savior several times, I paid for treatments and stays in luxurious rehabilitation clinics. But even when we try everything, it is not always possible to save a person who is gradually degrading. Alison’s world is made of fire , but it is made of ‘light’ “, writes the artist in a tone of hurt.

A childhood marked by racism
Although Mariah Carey left her “mother” in a skin tone, unlike her mulatto brothers, the artist reveals that she was not always spared the intolerance of others.

When he was four, he used a brown crayon to color his father’s portrait at school. He recalls that the teachers “laughed hysterically” and said that she had chosen the wrong color, since they only knew her mother.

At 13, the news that his father was black spread throughout the school. A group of girls locked her up in a room at a friend’s house and repeatedly called her several names. “It wasn’t a girls fight in the schoolyard. It was a violent and premeditated attack on the part of classmates that I considered my friends”, she laments.

The fame that cost you overwhelming love
Mariah Carey knew she wanted to be a singer at the age of three. She admits that much of her career and success owes to Tommy Motola, head of Columbia Records and Sony Music, and that she would become her first husband.

The two met in 1988 at a music industry party in Manhattan, where the 18-year-old handed her a tape containing a video of her singing. The entrepreneur decided to invest in the career of the New Yorker and in his first studio album alone he spent more than a million dollars in marketing strategies. The album turned out to be a success and launched Mariah Carey to stardom, from where she never left.

Mottola, 21 years older than the singer, would later marry her in 1993 in a luxurious wedding that brought together guests like Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne and Robert De Niro.

The relationship ended after eight years and Mariah attributed Mottola’s controlling personality to the failed marriage. She reveals that she never felt sexual or physical attraction to him and that she felt like a prisoner in the millionaire mansion where they lived and where all rooms had security cameras.

“At first I felt like I was stepping on eggs. Then it became a bed of nails and later on a minefield. I never knew when I was going to explode and lived in relentless anxiety,” he says, adding that he even slept with a clothes under the bed in case you decide to escape at night

The singer ended up renting an apartment in Manhattan next to her drama school, so she could spend some time alone, while pretending she was taking classes. It was then that he met Derek Jeter, a baseball player, with whom he truly fell in love. He found courage and left Mottola but the violence did not end there. After the divorce, Mariah Carey guarantees that her ex-husband used all his influences to punish her.

International critics accuse Mariah Carey of having written an incomplete autobiography, in which she only mentions the difficulties she experienced in childhood, omitting the most recent personal details of her life, such as failed romances and her bipolar disorder.

Now 50, the star is the mother of two twins, the fruit of her eight-year marriage to Nick Cannon.


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