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Presenter Mariana Godoy shared details of her relationship with Dalcides do Carmo Biscalquin, whom she married in 2004, on Monday’s ‘Melhor Agora’ program (28). In a conversation with Bianca Petrillo on a part of the program where guests answer hot questions, Marina revealed that she was the first person with whom her husband, who was a priest, had sex. “My husband was a virgin and remained a virgin until he was 37, which was when we got married”, she revealed.

Mariana and her husband got married in 2004

Mariana and Dalcides met through a mutual friend, who worked with Dalcides on the Catholic TV station Canção Nova. The two met in September 2004, and Dalcides left his cassock to marry the Band presenter in December of that year.

“My husband was a priest and left his cassock to marry me. We were very friendly and, in fact, our relationship was so intense, so true and so honest, that the least we had was seduction. This came later, not least because he didn’t allow himself. My husband was a virgin and remained a virgin until he was 37, which was when we got married. And I was 35 years old. Oh my God, he’s going to kill me! ”, Finished the presenter, laughing.

Edu Gudes and countryman Paula Mattos replied to the presenter if they were also someone’s first person. “Yes. At school, ”said Edu. “Yes, but I can’t reveal the names,” said Paula

Cassock and wedding
The story of the two began when he watched on TV a story made by Mariana with street children and then sought contact with the journalist. “I was enchanted with her, who was very indignant with that situation. I only knew her on TV, but she said:” Mariana, I was impressed, your heart is a very beautiful heart “, he recalls, citing that he managed to contact her.

The two started to keep in touch and became friends. Over time, the relationship became one of love. He says that Mariana had the initiative and maybe if that had not happened they would not be together. “I was going to hold the wave, I was not going to say it. She had the courage to say it, she came to me and said: ‘I’m liking you’. And then I said: ‘I have to stop here, let’s take a look time ‘. And I didn’t see Mariana for months “, he says.

Mariana Godoy’s husband was a priest before marrying presenter

Dalcides then prepared to travel and spend a few months in Portugal. That was when their story changed. “She then said, ‘If you think we should build something together, call me from there and I’ll be waiting for you at the airport.'”

The priest traveled to Portugal and when he arrived at a mall he saw a Brazilian news program being shown. “She was presenting the newspaper that Saturday, on duty. That marked me,” he says, saying he saw the episode as a sign.

He then called Mariana from a pay phone and she answered. “And I said, ‘I think we can build something together’,” he recalls. After that, Delcides left the cassock and the two began to live the relationship.


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