Marinho says coach Cuca is “president” of Santos: “There was a lot wrong” | well, friends!


Cuca has been more than technical at Santos. This, at least, is the vision of striker Marinho.

During the participation of “Bem, Amigos” this Monday night, Marinho, one of the leaders of Santos’ squad, highlighted the importance of coach Cuca behind the scenes. Curiously, shortly before President José Carlos Peres had been removed from office at a meeting of the Deliberative Council.

– Cuca is a father to me. After he arrived at Santos, he practically became our president. He went in, changed everything, fixed the house. We have so much difficulty. The club without money, without hiring. People without receiving. Cuca has changed a lot. I don’t like to get too involved in politics, I wouldn’t be the right person to speak, but it’s like I said: he (Cuca) is our president. There was a lot of wrong that we couldn’t solve. Everyone expected at least someone to come and speak to us – said Marinho.

Marinho, with shirt signed by Pelé, in an interview at Bem, Amigos – Photo: Reproduction

The main “problems” cited by Marinho are Santos’ punishments at Fifa. Because of debts with Hamburg, Germany, and Huachipato, Chile, Peixe is prohibited from hiring players.

During the new coronavirus pandemic, players also had their salaries reduced by up to 70% without an agreement with the board. The subject was cause for dissatisfaction behind the scenes and motivated Eduardo Sasha and Everson to seek justice.

Now, with the departure of José Carlos Peres, Vice Orlando Rollo assumes the presidency of Santos.


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