Measles vaccination postponed until October 30




The State Department of Health extended the measles vaccination campaign until October 30 for all people aged between 20 and 49 years. In addition to this group, those who are not registered in the vaccination card or do not remember if they have already been immunized should receive the dose.

The Secretary of State for Health, Beto Preto, reinforces the warning about the importance of vaccination.

On September 22, after 90 days with no record of new measles cases, Paraná ended the outbreak of the disease that started in August 2019. The last new case of the infection was registered on June 24, 2020. Paraná had been in existence for over 20 years without measles cases. After this period, in August 2019 the first case was confirmed days after the person traveled to another state and returned home infected by the virus.

The Epidemiological Report updated on September 23 recorded 1,976 confirmed cases, of which 1,600 occurred in 2019 and 376 in 2020.

Paraná did not register deaths due to measles.

Of the total of 3,596 notifications, 1,368 were discarded and 252 cases are still under investigation. These are cases notified before the last confirmation of the disease, in June.

Of the 399 municipalities in Paraná, 49 had confirmed cases.

Curitiba registered the highest number, with 1,285, equivalent to 65% of the total.

Reporter Vanessa Fernandes with information from SESA


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