Meghan Markle and Harry leave Isabel II in bad shape. The queen will answer – World


The last call of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for Americans to exercise their right to vote in the United States presidential elections, on November 3, continues to give a talk and now even Queen Elizabeth II is anxious about the possible consequences. In the video released Tuesday, 22, in a special broadcast by ABC dedicated to TIME 100, Meghan and Harry warn of the importance of “rejecting hate speech, misinformation and negativity online” in a position that sounds like support for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as an attack on Donald Trump, a breach of the British royal family’s strict protocol on impartiality. According to the Daily Mail, sources from the royal household ensured that the The queen was in an uncomfortable situation if she was to be reunited with Donald Trump as president of the USA.

Military future at risk

In addition, when he decided to abandon his duties as a senior member of the British royal house, Harry left open the possibility of resuming his position in the Royal Navy, a decision that would be evaluated next year by Prince Carlos, William and Isabel II, “but this is going to be difficult now, “said a source.

Harry and Meghan are also president and vice president of the charity Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, positions that continue to hold after the ‘Megxit’, but that go against political positions.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stated that “the message does not refer to any specific party or political candidate, but to an appeal to decency in the way we interact”.

How Harry, William and Kate Middleton managed to avoid contact with Trump

Other criticisms of Trump

Before becoming Duchess, Meghan publicly criticized then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling it “misogynist” and “provoking divisions”. Already Harry was forced to receive the US President at Buckingham Palace alongside his grandmother and brother, but he managed to avoid being close to Trump and even to greet him. Meghan was on maternity leave.

It is recalled that Trump has already made a series of criticisms of Meghan and revealed to have a sexual obsession with Princess Diana.


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