Merkel says it is possible to avoid another lockdown in Germany | World


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday (30) that she wants to do everything in her power to avoid another national lockdown. The statement comes at a time when the country, which is Europe’s largest economy, is facing an increase in the number of cases of infection with the new coronavirus.

“We all want to avoid a second national lockdown and we can do that,” said Merkel.

The chancellor also said that people now know much more about how to protect themselves and the health system than in March, when the national quarantine was implemented.

By European standards, Germany has had relatively low rates of infection and lethality so far. However, the government is concerned about the increase in the numbers of infected. On Tuesday, the country registered 2,089 new cases. On Monday (28), Merkel warned that if the trend persists, the number of new cases could rise to 19,200 by Christmas.

In an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus during the fall and winter, Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states agreed to restrict the number of people in meetings and to fine anyone who violates the tracking rules.

Infections have been on the rise in Germany for weeks. The survey by the American university Johns Hopkings indicates that the country has officially registered more than 290,600 cases of infection with the new coronavirus. The number of deaths exceeds 9,400 in the country.

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