MHW: Iceborne gets new trailer with Fatalis and Velkhana Arquiaguerrida


Capcom released a new trailer revealing more details about the latest free update planned for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Featuring the ruthless dragons Fatalis and Velkhana, Title Update 5 will also add several events, quests and customization items, with emphasis on Halloween themed skins.

First introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, released for the PSP in 2007, the Dragon Elder Fatalis promises to take the hunt to the extreme. The extremely powerful creature at Schrade Castle is the last of the Black Dragons to be added to Iceborne. The Ice Dragon Velkhana will appear in a second version as a hunt for one of the new quests in the update, rewarding players who eliminate it with exclusive skins of the frozen material from their skin.

Halloween will also be featured in the patch, adding skins, weapons and events through the Fun Fright Fest expansion, featuring various outfits from macabre monsters like bats, werewolves, vampires and others, as well as new foods referring to exotic suppers.

The update will add new weapons, accessories such as scarves, pendants and more, as well as new weapons in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan, which will have a quest full of rewards for those who complete it.

Title Update 5 will be released for free on October 1 for all players. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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