Mi Band 4 NFC launched in more European countries in partnership with Mastercard


After a long wait, Xiaomi finally made the Mi Band 4 with NFC in more countries in Europe. As we know, the smart bracelet was only available within the Russian market and with some limitations.

Now consumers in Ukraine, Belarus and Eastern Europe will be able to purchase the Mi Band 4 NFC and use the device for proximity payments thanks to a partnership between Xiaomi and Mastercard.

Owners of cards with the flag can now register the card number on the Xiaomi app and synchronize with the bracelet to pay for bus tickets, day-to-day purchases and more.

For now, Xiaomi does not confirm whether the Mi Band 4 NFC will also be taken to markets in Western Europe. In any case, the company disappointed many people by launching the Mi Band 5 global without proximity payments.

Despite being a novelty in the West, Mi Band already has NFC in China. The manufacturer never justified the reason behind its strategy of limiting this resource to the Chinese public.

It should be noted that NFC is the only highlight of the new variant and there is no other change compared to the original model. The launch price of the new bracelet is 4,000 rubles, something around R $ 290 in direct conversion and without considering Brazilian taxes.

Should Xiaomi launch this variant in the rest of the world? Do you believe that the lack of NFC hinders the experience with the Mi Band? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.


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