Microsoft releases latest build of Windows 10 update before final version – Computers


The next update of Windows 10 will introduce some new features to the operating system, such as a new Start menu and a revised notification system, as well as a settings panel that, little by little, will eventually disable the old Control Panel.

All of these features are being tested by a restricted group of users who, over the past few months, have been operating the new version of the operating system. Microsoft now wants to extend this “testing” phase to a latest version, very similar to the final version. The software is expected to be stable, most of the time, but the company asks users to report any and all errors they encounter, so that the last edges can be polished before the official release of the final version.

This will be the last “preview”, whose code name is Build 19042.508, before the final build. Insiders can download it from the Windows 10 update panel.

After the announcement, Microsoft has already fixed several bugs it had listed for anyone installing this version, which use Windows Subsystems for Linux (WSL), including some error messages with the text “Element not found” when trying to run WSL. The correction has already been made in the final version of this update.


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