Microsoft will give Edge another tool that users will love


Edge has certainly grown uniquely in the hands of Microsoft. This new browser is much more than a copy of Chrome and already has its own personality, having surrounded itself with many tools that make it unique and that appeal to users.

Microsoft has one more to be prepared, which will highlight it again in a market where more and more proposals exist. This news will arrive soon and will be to the delight of all users who have already chosen this as their day-to-day browser.

A novelty from Microsoft for very soon

As has been seen recently, Microsoft is very intensely focused on making Edge grow. In addition to having sent this browser to all Windows 10 installations, in a simple update, it has also created new tools and other improvements.

Now the software giant has revealed that it has yet another novelty on the way and very soon it will be accessible to everyone. This comes to complement all the tools that Edge already has, making it even more interesting and, above all, more useful.

Microsoft Edge browser novelty tool

What is being prepared, and is already being tested, is a tool for capturing images, directly embedded in the browser. Thus, the user can completely dispense with other external tools that he uses for this purpose.

A complete tool that elevates this browser

Microsoft wants more than just image capture, preparing to give you the ability to apply these tools to entire pages. Of course, much more will come with the next versions, and it is still being developed.

Microsoft Edge browser novelty tool

From what is revealed, this novelty comes from a tool that has been on Edge before. We talked about the annotation tool on the web pages, which was available in the original version of Microsoft's Edge.

The options that this novelty now gives to users are still limited, but show that it is on the right track. So, after capturing the image, we can copy or preview it. In the latter option, they can then record, share or copy.

Microsoft Edge browser novelty tool

It is already in testing on some versions of Edge

At this moment it is not yet possible for users of the final versions of this browser to try the novelty. Microsoft only makes it available for testing in the Dev and Canary versions, where they will mature and, above all, file problems.

It is also unknown whether it will be an exclusive feature of Windows 10 or if it will arrive at other versions of other systems, where Linux will be included soon. It also remains to be seen when Microsoft will bring this tool to the Edge in its stable version.


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