Millionaires: in 7 months, 11 unique MS bets took jackpots in the lottery


Going to the lottery to do that ‘little faith’ is in the routine of sul-mato-grossense and, as a result, the Caixa Econômica Federal lottery has already awarded 11 unique bets in Mato Grosso do Sul in 2020. In seven months, 11 bets took a lot, but it is worth remembering that the winners can exceed the number, since the lottery rewards from single bets to those with four to five numbers.

Caixa Econômica’s press office did not reveal details of the winning bettors in the state, but based on a table released by Caixa, it is possible to see the cities, values ​​and raffle in which winning residents participated.

The survey shows only the states of the bettors who hit the numbers (as in the Mega-Sena, which are six) to take the prize. There are also winners in other categories, but there is no breakdown of the number of winners per state.

Only in Lotofácil, bet that the resident can choose 15 numbers, ten residents were awarded since February. The first millionaire of the year drawn in the lottery was a resident of Moreninhas, in Campo Grande, which won R $ 1.6 million.

Lotofácil also awarded residents of Fátima do Sul, Dourados, Eldorado, Três Lagoas, Rio Brilhante, Naviraí and Lopes da Laguna Guide. On the last 15th, a resident of Três Lagoas came out lucky in a lottery and won R $ 10,000.

In Quina, the bettor chooses five numbers to make the ‘little faith’ and just like Lotofácil, also made winners in MS. Setting the sequence of the five numerals, another Moreninhas resident celebrated R $ 1.5 million in his account.

Other lucky ones were responsible for two MS bets that hit, believe me, the 15 numbers of Lotofácil this month and took, each one, the prize of R $ 2.5 million. The new millionaires are from Campo Grande and Maracaju.

Number of winners is higher

Without the details of the consolidated data of the draws, Mato Grosso do Sul appears only in the results of single prizes, in the correctness of the numbers in their entirety. That is, the winners of the corner or block of Mega-Sena or Quina, do not appear in the list.

On the occasion of the drawing in which Moreninhas resident took a jackpot of R $ 1.5 million, two other people from Mato Grosso do Sul were awarded, but in a lower category – on the court. They shared the prize with 93 more bets from all over the country. One was in the lottery Carandá, in Campo Grande; and the other was in Fátima do Sul. They do not appear on the winners’ table.

Just like the jackpots, which correspond to a single bet, but which rewards even more than one person. This happened in August, when a prize from Campo Grande awarded five people hitting the corner of Mega-Sena. In the raffle, the lucky ones won R $ 91,550.04 each.

September was a valuable month for the people of Mato Grosso do Sul: five people from Mato Grosso do Sul hit five of the six Mega-Sena numbers and took R $ 39 thousand home. On Saturday (19), 70 residents were awarded the Mega-Sena lottery and each pocketed R $ 963.88.

It is worth remembering that the online bets do not indicate where the bettor is from and with that, the number of prestigious lotteries in MS can be even greater.


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