Miners find a 100 million year old crater in Australia


A 100 million year old meteorite crater was discovered by Australian miners. Evolution Mining workers found the hole during a mining operation in Ora Banda, Australia.

According to information on the website Resourc.ly, as soon as the crater was discovered, the miners called the geologist and geophysicist Dr. Jayson Meyers, founder and current director of Resource Potentials (a geology consulting company), who revealed that it was a about 5 kilometers in diameter, 6 times the size of Wolf Creek crater, also in Australian territory.

Because it is very old, several sediments fell and covered the crater, so it was no longer exposed and it took so long for it to be discovered.

According to Meyers, the crack was created by a meteorite about 200 meters wide and can help to understand important events in prehistory.

The geophysicist revealed that, upon arriving at the site, he saw “shattering cones” in the drilling core, which indicate a large asteroid impact. There is also the chance of a “nuclear explosion”, but no such test has been carried out at the site.

These “shattering cones” are the streaks formed on objects that fall from space, formed from high pressure shock waves, caused during meteorite falls.

Now, scientists are going to study the crater to be able to accurately identify its characteristics, in addition to giving a certain date for its existence, because even with the average age of 100 million years, said by Jayson Meyer, it can actually have between 40 and 250 million years.

“Finding something like this should be another step in helping to understand how often these asteroids hit Earth,” said the geophysicist.


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