Missing hunters found dead in caravan


Two hunters, who were reported missing on Sunday afternoon, were found dead late Sunday night in a caravan on Venabygdsfjellet in Gudbrandsdalen.

Both men are in their 30s and live in the Inland. Relatives have been notified, operations manager Sidsel Svarstad informs Dagbladet.

– They were reported missing by family when they did not return home at the agreed time yesterday, says the operations manager.

Forensic scientists have been on site and secured clues. The police’s main hypothesis is that this is an accident involving gas and lack of oxygen, the police write in a press release on Monday morning.

The police are awaiting the preliminary autopsy report, which is expected to be available in a few days.


– Based on preliminary clues, the forensic technicians say that there is nothing to indicate that anything criminal has happened, Svarstad says.

There should also be no visible injuries to the men.

– Do you know anything about what happened?

– No. Now the two will be autopsied, we also hope that technical clues and other investigations can explain in more detail the cause of this tragic accident, says the operations manager.

Search operation

The men were found after a search operation, led by the Red Cross Oppland, according to the operations manager.

– There were many who came and participated in the search. It was occasionally dense fog, and they mainly looked for the car and the caravan, says Svarstad.

At 01.21 on Monday night, the police in the Inland reported that they had found the two dead in a caravan they were using.

– Relatives have been notified and taken care of. The surrounding circumstances are not yet known. The two will be autopsied, the police wrote in a press release last night.

On Monday morning, the police released an update on the deaths on Twitter:

«0615: Forensic technicians have finished on the spot. The two dead will be autopsied and the answers from here together technical investigations will hopefully be able to provide answers to how this tragic event could occur ».


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