Missing two years ago, she is found alive in the Colombian sea by fishermen (with video)


Angélica Gaitan, a 46-year-old woman, had been missing for two years. This Saturday, two fishermen came face to face with the woman floating in the sea, eyes closed and so cold that she could barely say a word.

The two men recorded the moment of the discovery, reported by Correio da Manhã, which reveals that the woman was so fragile and cold that she could barely answer the two fishermen who found her two kilometers from the beach in Puerto Colombia, Colombia.

Rolando Visbal, one of the fishermen, questioned the woman initially in Spanish and later in English to make sure the woman understood him, but he got no answer and the two men then pulled her onto his boat.

According to the same source, who cites the Colombian newspaper Freedom, the woman was unable to answer, but it was the woman herself who signaled a distress call for the two fishermen to see her.

“I was born again, God didn’t want me to die,” said the woman, according to local media.

There is still the mystery of what happened to the woman during the past two years, something that is being investigated by the local authorities.

The CM also informs that Angélica revealed to the radio RCN who was a victim of domestic violence 20 years ago and tried to escape so that her husband would not kill her. “For 20 years, I had a toxic relationship, I was raped by my ex-husband. The abuse started in the first pregnancy, he beat me and attacked violently, in my second pregnancy, the abuse continued and I couldn’t escape it because the girls were small “, reports. “Many times I reported it, but the police took him and 24 hours later he was at the house again,” he said.

In September 2018, when the family no longer knew his whereabouts, Angélica fled after being violently attacked. The woman claims that she lived in a difficult situation for six months in Barranquilla and was subsequently taken to a shelter for the most needy. It was then that, he claims, he went into a deep depression.

“I didn’t want to go on with my life. A lady gave me tickets and took a bus directly to the sea,” she said, assuming that her husband kept her away from any help from family or friends that she could turn to. She assumes that she remembers being on the beach and entering the water. “I let myself go and waited for this nightmare to end.” From then on, the woman says she doesn’t remember much, the same source says.

Angélica’s daughters, meanwhile identified, guarantee that the mother does not tell the truth regarding the abuses she has suffered.


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