Monument in honor of the victims of the covid-19 is installed in Rio – 09/20/2020


Relatives of victims of the covid-19 participated today in the inauguration of the monument named “Memorial In-finito”, the first physical memorial to people who died from the disease in the country. The work was installed in the crematorium and Cemitério da Penitência, in the Caju neighborhood, a port area in Rio de Janeiro. The inauguration is part of a series of events of the “United World for Life” movement, which takes place in more than 30 countries.

The sculpture is made of oxidized steel, is 39 meters long and weighs almost three tons. Throughout the monument, you can read the names of victims of the disease.

Retired mother Maria Celina Muniz Barreto, 68, is one of the victims of the covid-19

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Retired mother Maria Celina Muniz Barreto, 68, was infected with the new coronavirus and could not resist. The daughter says the memorial should “lighten” the mourning “a little”.

“I lost my mother to covid-19 on May 28th. In addition to the enormous suffering of death, not being able to say goodbye was a dismay. The sadness took on such a force that it increases the pain and the feeling of grief, which I hope I can mitigate with this tribute “.

Families that want to have the names of their relatives in the work have to present the death certificate with the cause of death by covid-19 and pay a fee of R $ 125. According to the creators of the memorial, this amount refers to the making of the name sticker that is placed on the work.


“This memorial was designed to honor all people who did not have the right to say goodbye to the people they love, through funeral rites”, he tells the Twitter the architect responsible for the project, Crisa Santos.

She says that she visited several cemeteries in the country to define the aesthetics of sculpture, which is a metaphor for eternity. The work consists of spiral drawings and circular lines that have the meaning of perpetuity. The monument includes benches and passages that give the sense of belonging to the world.

“The idealization of the work in the open was to offer a place where visitors can meditate and connect with those who left. This helps to redefine death, especially in the pandemic, which made farewells unfeasible. May it be an important piece in the passage , not just another number “, he says.

“It is not a number; they are stories that need to be perpetuated, told. Hence the creation of the memorial in a wave that seems to have no end. It is exactly that: our story has no end and cannot simply end in a pandemic. It continues in our family, in our children, in friends, co-workers. They are people, stories and not numbers. “

The project, whose conception started in June and involved about 50 professionals from different states and areas of activity, was donated by Coletivo Crisa Santos Arquitetos to the direction of Cemitério da Penitência. The cemetery paid R $ 300 thousand for the material and execution of the work.

‘We will welcome everyone’, says administrator

The cemetery administrator, Alberto Brenner Júnior, adds that the memorial is extended to Fluminense families, regardless of where their relatives were buried.

“We are going to welcome all the people who want to know the work and also be part of it”, says Alberto.

The monument was inaugurated today because of the “The United World for Life” movement, which takes place in cemeteries in more than 30 countries, such as Argentina, Japan, Australia and the United States, with the aim of celebrating life.

According to a bulletin sent by the State Health Secretariat of Rio, yesterday (19), the state reached 17,634 deaths and more than 250 thousand cases of the disease.

The moving average of deaths from the disease rose for the second consecutive day in Rio. The moving average of deaths reached 92.71 this Saturday – an acceleration of 20% when compared to the rate indicated two weeks ago.


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