Mouthpiece order: May be applicable with fines


– Today we introduce an order for the use of face masks on public transport, said City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor) at a press conference on Monday night.

The City Council has repeatedly issued strong recommendations to the people of Oslo to wear bandages on full buses, trams and trains. It is now being followed up with an injunction. If it is not possible to keep a meter distance to others, you must wear a bandage from Tuesday at 12 o’clock.

– In reality, this means that everyone must bring a bandage on board, Johansen said at the press conference.

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City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) during the press conference on Monday night. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

Here you can read about all the measures Oslo is introducing from Tuesday!

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Considering fines

It is the police who will follow up that people comply with the order, according to health councilor Robert Steen (Labor).

– Now there is no doubt about whether you can choose to wear a bandage or not. You can not. That is a clear message. Then the question is what happens if you break the order. Then the police can pick you out, Steen tells Dagsavisen.

He outlines the following scenario: If you are on a full tram and are not wearing a face mask, the police can intervene and ask you to leave the tram.

Steen says he hopes it has a deterrent effect on people that they comply with the requirement for a bandage. If not, according to the health council, it may be relevant to introduce fines.

– We hope this order is sufficient and that we have control that it is also complied with by the police in a good way. If not, the punitive response must be sharpened, Steen says.

However, the introduction of fines has some practical challenges, he believes.

– Which fine holds? 500 kroner? 1,000? 1,500? It’s sad if we have to go there, says Steen.

The case continues below the picture.

Health Councilor Robert Steen (Labor Party). Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Chief of Staff Harald Nilssen in the Oslo police district tells NTB that the police take note of the new corona measures.

– The police take note of the new municipal infection control rules in Oslo. We want a dialogue with the municipality and will assist when the municipality requests this. This also applies to the introduction of an order for the use of face masks in public transport, Nilssen writes in Oslo in a text message.

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Hope bandages become a habit

Steen has previously stated that he fears the price and access to sanitary napkins may create a segregated society.

– It must not be the case that the rich can afford to buy security, while those with less money must choose between bandages or, for example, monthly cards or books for the boy. The authorities must have a plan so that everyone can buy face masks or face masks at a normal price, Steen told Dagsavisen in August.

The health council is now encouraging all Oslo residents to get a bandage and get used to using it. He also points out that the injunction in the first instance only applies for 14 days and that it is possible to procure multi-purpose mouthpieces.

– I think bandages will be required for a long time to come, as long as we live with the coronary pandemic and until a vaccine arrives, Steen says and continues:

– Then I also believe that the government should take the initiative to find ways in which those with the worst advice can be compensated so that this does not become such a large financial obligation.

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