Moving average of deaths by Covid-19 in the Federal District drops to 15


The moving average of deaths by Covid-19 of the last seven days in the Federal District reached, this Monday (28/9), the 15, lowest level since the 3rd of July. Two weeks ago, the number had grown to 30.

In comparison with the rate registered on September 15, there was a drop of 48%. This means that deaths are decreasing, since variations in the number of deaths are greater than 15%.

Calculations are done by (M) Data, nucleus of data journalism of the Metropolises. They are based on information provided daily by the Ministry of Health, which also feeds the interactive panel with news about the pandemic since the first case registered in Brazil.

See graphic:

In absolute numbers, the country’s capital recorded 15 deaths from coronavirus and 992 new infections in the last 24 hours, according to the most recent bulletin from the DF Health Department.

Deaths per 100 thousand

The incidence of deaths by Covid-19 in the Federal District rose to 106 for each group of 100 thousand inhabitants. According to data from the Coronavirus Panel, released by the Ministry of Health, on Monday night (9/28), with the current index, the capital remains tied with Rio de Janeiro. Roraima is in second position, with an index of 105.

In addition to being the Federation unit with the highest rate of deaths from the disease, the DF maintains the second highest incidence of cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants.

Moving average

Tracking the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic based on absolute death or case data is far from ideal. That’s because they can have very large daily variations, especially delays in records. On weekends, for example, it is common to notice a significant reduction in numbers.

To reduce this effect and produce a more accurate view, the moving average is widely used around the world. The rate represents the sum of the deaths reported in a week divided by seven. The name “mobile” is why it varies according to the total number of deaths in the previous seven days.


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