Multinational based in SC invests R $ 2.5 billion in wind farm | Estela Benetti


The European multinational Statkraft, which has its Brazilian headquarters in Florianópolis, announces that it will invest R $ 2.5 billion in the wind complex Ventos de Santa Eugênia, in Bahia. The implementation will start in January next year, the first wind turbines will be installed in 2022 and completion is scheduled for 2023. The project will generate 519 MW, more than the company’s installed capacity in the country today, which is in 450 MW.

The first stage of the project will have 14 wind farms with 91 5.7 MW turbines, which will be manufactured by the company Nordex, from the Northeast. The Ibipeba complex is close to the wind farms that the company has in Bahia, called Macaúbas, Novo Horizonte and Seabra, which together have a 95 MW power.

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Statkraft CEO in Brazil, Fernando De Lapuerta, says that the country is perhaps one of the most competitive in renewable energies, a category in which the company’s new project is inserted. Statkraft’s strategy is to be the global leader in renewable energy and this new investment will help achieve that goal, says the company’s executive vice president for International Power, Jürgen Tzschoppe. Statkraft’s plan is to achieve generation of 6 GW of wind energy in the world by 2025.

The multinational company of Norwegian origin started activities in Brazil in 2012, when it acquired part of the shares of Desenvix, an engineering design company from Florianópolis. In 2015, it acquired another part of the shares, totaling 81.3% of the capital. The other party (18.7%) continues with Funcef, a supplementary pension fund for Caixa Econômica Federal employees.


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