Municipal Guard interrupts wedding with samba school battery in Rio


A wedding party entitled to the samba school battery was interrupted last Saturday night, after the Municipal Guard received a complaint of agglomeration at an event space on Ilha do Governador, in Rio de Janeiro.

Upon arriving at the scene, guards and military police caught a party with more than 100 people, in addition to musicians from a samba school. According to the City of Rio, the party was interrupted and there was a beginning of turmoil between the agents and the guests.

The owner of the Guanabara Beach Lounge was not at the time of the operation. A friend of the groom introduced himself as responsible for the event. She was notified by the guards and taken to the 37th DP (Ilha do Governador), where the case was recorded as a disturbance of peace.

“The Licensing and Inspection Coordination informs that it will check the establishment’s documentation and clarifies that events of this type are not authorized to occur in the current phase of reopening the quarantine. In cases like this, the establishment may be fined, interdicted and have the permit. revoked “, informed the City in a note.


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