Murder in Bergen: – – In deep shock and grief


On Sunday night, it became known that a 19-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a woman (20) in Åsane in Bergen.

During a press conference, prosecutor Eli Valheim in the West police district stated that both of them are from Eastern Norway, and that they have lived in Bergen since last autumn. They are students and knew each other from before.

The accused man was hospitalized. On Monday, Bergen District Court decided to remand him in custody for four weeks.

The woman’s family in Østfold is in deep grief.

– It is a family in deep shock and grief. It came as a shock to them. They have said they hope to be at peace in their grief. They will stand together now. They have lost a daughter and sister, says aid lawyer Einar Råen to Dagbladet.

ASSIST: Einar Råen is the family’s welfare lawyer. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB
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– Disgusting

He does not want to comment on the relationship between the woman and the accused 19-year-old.

Råen has now been given access to police documents and will familiarize himself with the case.

Bergensavisen has spoken to two men in their 20s who live in the building where the murder took place. At around 9 pm on Saturday night, they received a phone call from the mother of one of the people living in the apartment. She was worried because she had not been in contact with them for a while.

The two students say that they, together with the landlord, went into the apartment. There they found the man in one bedroom and the dead woman in another bedroom.

– This is disgusting. It is a mixture of shock, and something I never thought I would see, says one of the neighbors to the newspaper.

Dagbladet has not succeeded in getting hold of the homeowner on Monday. The assistance lawyer will not comment on the incidents that led to the murder being discovered.

Accepted imprisonment

The emergency services moved out at 23.30 on Saturday. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. She will be autopsied at Gade’s institute.

Defense attorney Erik Johan Mjelde states that the 19-year-old accepted imprisonment and the restrictions the prosecution dropped. The court decided on imprisonment for four weeks with a ban on letters and visits, as well as a media ban for the entire period of imprisonment.

– He is still hospitalized. He has been questioned and presented with the charge. I do not want to say how he reacts to the accusation itself, but he accepts four weeks custody, says the defender to Dagbladet.

The young man was first suspected of “putting someone in a helpless state”, but on Sunday night the charge was changed to murder.

According to NTB, the two lived together, but they were not lovers. Both the deceased and the accused were born and raised in Norway.


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