Musk announces 2 new trams and 20 million vehicles per year


Elon Musk woke up optimistic on Monday (28). After a week of bad news, the Tesla executive released a series of tweets in which the main novelty is that his company expects to produce 20 million electric cars a year before 2030.

Musk acknowledged that this would require “consistently excellent execution”. And he is right: the goal represents more than 50 times the production value of 365 thousand vehicles in 2019.

However, Musk believes in his team and sent an email to all Tesla employees last week, stating that the company is in a position to record a record quarter by the end of the year if employees “return to combat”.

Two unreleased trams

Another announcement by Elon Musk was that Tesla is planning two new models of electric cars at Gigafactory Berlin and Shanghai, within the strategy of producing cheaper cars. However, he gave no further details, unless the company plans to form teams of designers for the new models to be produced in these markets.

This announcement does not alter Tesla’s plans to launch the Cybertruck pickup truck, the Tesla Semi electric truck and the sports Roadster in the next two years.

And the $ 25,000 car?

On the controversy over the $ 25,000 electric car, which caused investors great disappointment when it was announced three years from now, Elon Musk made a revelation this morning. Responding to a customer’s comment on the matter: he said that the $ 25,000 popular car is not the Model 3, but “a future car that will be smaller”.

This means that the automaker is actually planning a new car, which may be related to the new vehicles in Shanghai and Berlin.


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