Nasal spray investigated in Australia can stop covid-19 (and has a 96% effectiveness rate)


Narendra Shrestha / EPA

It’s simple: with just one or two applications a week, the new spray can prevent people infected with the new coronavirus from infecting others around them.

Much has been said about a potential vaccine against covid-19, and many countries are in the race to be the pioneers of the discovery. However, there are those looking for other options. An investigation coordinated by Miles Caroll, deputy director of the Public Health organization in England, is studying the use of a new spray.

THE spray nasal which was developed to boost the immune system against flu and colds has shown – in preclinical evidence – that it can halt the viral reproduction of covid-19, the Australian biotechnology company responsible for the investigation said on Monday.

The company Ena Respitarory, which develops the product INNA-051, indicated in a statement that the tests carried out with ferrets revealed 96% effectiveness.

The Australian company also indicated that the study, published on the biomedical research portal bioRxiv, provided evidence that the synthetic molecule INNA-051 can be used as a method of preventive antiviral therapy and complement vaccination programs.

In addition to helping the most vulnerable people, the spray, which would be applied once or twice a week, also prevents infected people from spreading to others, said Christophe Demaison, director of Ena Respiratory.

The official also said that clinical trials of the substance will be carried out within the next four months.

The company has indicated that it has secured seven million euros from Australian investors to continue the investigation, pending toxicity studies and obtaining the corresponding legal permits.


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