Nasal spray tested on animals reduces covid-19 virus by up to 96%


A nasal spray developed by the Australian biotechnology company Ena Respiratory, has shown good results in combating the new coronavirus. The news was released and detailed to the press on Monday morning (28).

According to the company, the spray that aims to strengthen the immune system was tested on animals (ferrets) and managed to reduce the levels of the virus that causes covid-19 by up to 96%.

The idea is to use it as a complement to vaccines that are being developed in various parts of the world. However, the product has not yet been tested on humans, but Ena’s planning foresees that this phase will start in the next four months.

To this end, the biotechnology giant has the support of the British government agency Public Health England, which has conducted the study side by side with it.

The next phase of testing with the nasal spray also includes a study on toxicity, as well as product regulation.


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