Natan Portela Hospital undergoes renovation that will expand service capacity


Photo: Government of Piauí

The Institute of Tropical Diseases Natan Portela is undergoing a series of reforms that will expand the service capacity of the health unit, which is a reference for the treatment of Covid-19 in Piauí. A new Sterilized Material Center is being built, 20 new intensive care beds, a new infirmary, a negative pressure block, which allows more safety in the treatment of diseases such as that caused by the coronavirus.

“Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were threatened with a new measles outbreak, and with that we have already mobilized Sesapi to build a negative pressure block, which enabled us, even in January, to plan for the pandemic and have a structure that allows us to offer quality and safe treatment to patients and professionals ”, explains Natan Portela director, infectious disease doctor José Noronha.

The health unit also started to count, for the first time since its creation, with a team of pediatric doctors 24 hours on call, who assist patients from 14 wards for children.

“This is a milestone for the Institute of Tropical Diseases Natan Portela, which can reopen its pediatrics with 14 clinical beds and pediatric physicians on duty. In addition, our hospital now has a new radiology room, which received modern equipment, and a new CT scanner to assist in the diagnosis of diseases such as Covid-19 ”, recalls the director.

The new Intensive Care Center will have 20 modern beds, which will receive negative pressure blocks, antibacterial and viral filters. The work is expected to be delivered in December 2020. “With this reform, if we go back to a situation like the beginning of the pandemic, we will be much more equipped, with more service capacity. And with the strengthening of the infrastructure, we will gain a safer and more prepared hospital, in case new diseases such as Covid-19 appear ”, highlights José Noronha.

Another improvement that the State Department of Health (Sesapi) is making at the Institute of Tropical Diseases Natan Portela is the move from the administrative sector to an annex building, which will enable the expansion of the hospital’s outpatient clinic.

“We want to offer a modern hospital with a quality clinical and hospital care structure. With the change in the administrative sector, we will gain more space for doctor’s offices and wards. We are working to provide healthier quality to the people of Piaui ”, reinforces the Secretary of State for Health, Florentino Neto.

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