Naya Rivera’s sister will live with actress’ ex-husband for important reason


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In July, Naya rivera died in a terrible accident while on a boat trip in California. Since then, Ryan Dorsey, the actress’s ex-husband, and Nickayla Rivera, Naya’s sister, have been inseparable. And now, the two have decided to rent a house so that they can create together Josey, son of Ryan and the star of Glee.

According to The Daily Mail, the duo was spotted several times in September, whether shopping or taking things from Ryan’s previous home to the new home.

About the situation, Nickayla vented in Stories asking people not to judge her decision: “In the darkest hour of my life, the only thing that matters to me are my friends and family. I will help my nephew, even though I can’t even help myself. I’m not concerned with the way things can look because no one can see the agonizing moment that we are enduring. What matters most, and what I learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others and never regret any decision. I hope you can do the same ”.

We hope Ryan and Nickayla are doing well!

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