Neo-Nazis acted outside the Oslo synagogue on a Jewish holiday


It was during the celebration of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur on Monday that three people who are allegedly affiliated with the neo-Nazi organization The Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM) acted outside the synagogue of the Mosaic Faith Society (DMT) at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo, according to the Anti-Racist Center.

DNM even mentions the campaign on its website.

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– Extremely provocative

Superintendent Ervin Kohn of the DMT was present when the neo-Nazis arrived at the synagogue. According to Kohn, a stand was set up outside the building where DNM sympathizers handed out leaflets with anti-Semitic content. Photos the organization itself has posted correspond to Kohn’s reproduction.

Kohn describes the incident as «unpleasant» and «nasty».

– For us, this is extremely provocative, says Kohn, who is also deputy head of the Anti-Racist Center.

The case continues below the picture.

Ervin Kohn is the pastor of the Mosaic Faith Society. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The operation was eventually stopped by the police, the headmaster says. The protesters are said to have been asked to leave the place. Dagsavisen has not yet had this confirmed by the police themselves.

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Claims to be behind several actions

The Anti-Racist Center writes on its website that the DNM sympathizers who stood outside the synagogue have claimed to have demonstrated against circumcision and kosher slaughter.

Kohn believes the operation went unnoticed by many of the members of the faith community who arrived at the synagogue before the protesters. Yom Kippur is a holiday that is marked through fasting and worship. According to the headmaster, it is common for Jews to stay in the synagogue all day on this day.

– It is a very special day to demonstrate against Jews, Kohn says.

DNM itself refers to the action as «pan-nordic» and claims that the organization is behind similar incidents, as well as poster placement in several cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the last week, including in Bergen and in Norrköping in Sweden.

The case continues below the picture.

The Nordic resistance movement even mentions the action on its website. Here from a square meeting arranged by the neo-Nazi organization in Fredrikstad in 2018. Photo: Ørn Borgen / NTB

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Haukeland Hospital in Bergen confirms that there was an incident at the hospital on Sunday night.

– I can confirm that a security guard discovered this night until Sunday. It was quickly removed because in its form it could appear intimidating to staff and patients. Beyond this, we do not want to comment on the case, writes communications director Erik Vigander in an SMS.

Calls for debate

Kohn believes the action against the synagogue in Oslo shows that it is time for a debate on how neo-Nazi propaganda can be made illegitimate.

He points out that Finland has taken the step of banning the organization and urges Norwegian politicians to make it clear that this type of neo-Nazi action cannot be tolerated.

– This is about attitude work, and the way to do it is by the leaders taking the lead. Our politicians must say that this should not be experienced in Oslo.

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