Netflix reveals some highlights of the month of October


It’s com o autumn among us, cold temperatures begin to arrive and, with them, the afternoons spent on the sofa with blankets cozy. It is with these periods in mind that Netflix shared some of the content scheduled for the streaming service for the month of October.

The biggest highlights go to ‘The Curse of Bly Manor ‘(9th) and’ The 7 Chicago ‘(16th). While ‘The Curse of Bly Manor ‘is yet another horror series from those responsible for’ The Curse of Hill House ‘,’ The 7 of Chicago ‘is a film that is being seen as one of the favorites to time of awards.

In addition to these two, the Netflix reveals in a publication shared in respective social media pages that subscribers can watch classics like ‘Se7en’ and even ‘O Amor Acontece’.

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